Mechanical Inspections.

Mechanical Inspections.

Reliable, continuous operation of the evaporator island is critical to maintaining production. Mechanical inspections are a direct way to identify minor problems that can become major reliability issues. Fixing small problems as part of a scheduled outage is much better than running the evaporator to failure.

Detailed mechanical inspections are an opportunity to monitor the condition of the equipment and provide long term guidance for maintenance/capital planning and future process improvements. This allows for effective capital spending on a disciplined approach rather than on an emergency basis.

Almost all chemical recovery equipment vessels operate in a corrosive internal atmosphere. Therefore, a complete annual inspection is recommended for all vessels. Our experience at knowing where to look and what to look for allows the customer to obtain maximum benefit from these inspections.

Our inspection know-how is based on our intimate knowledge of the design details of major equipment suppliers. Our broad customer base has provided us the opportunity to inspect and document the mechanical details of an array of legacy and modern evaporator equipment. Additionally, our extensive troubleshooting experience has shown us what vulnerabilities the various equipment designs present to operations, helping us identify and mitigate risk through our inspections.

While you focus on other shutdown areas, we complete a detailed inspection. Those items requiring repair before startup are quickly communicated. Each inspection report documents in detail all significant findings (e.g. irregular liquor flow marks, shell side fouling, etc.), tube pluggage (mechanical and chemical), excessive wear and thinning, tube scaling, and mechanical condition of all equipment. Recommendations requiring current shutdown repair and long term recommendations are provided.

Click here for a partial sample inspection report.