Over 60 years of design and operational experience.

We recognize the importance of having an efficient, reliable black liquor evaporator. Our vast knowledge, experience and finely tuned skills enable us to offer you exceptional technical and operational support to help your mill succeed in the pulp industry.

Services we offer:

Emergency Service

When an evaporator has production curtailed we fully understand the importance of finding the problem or problems the first time – the only thing worse than an unscheduled shut down is a second unscheduled shutdown.

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System Analysis

Using process simulations, we are able to quickly and accurately analyze any evaporator configuration. Additionally, we have the capability to evaluate and design evaporator bodies, heat exchangers, stripping columns and condensers and to compare actual operation with theoretical.

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By definition training implies the acquisition and retention of knowledge. In our field this information is often highly technical and often foreign to the people trying to learn it.

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Mechanical Inspection

Mechanical inspections of recovery equipment serve two purposes. First, inspections are the only way to determine the cause of certain mechanical failures within the equipment; and second, inspections are a means of finding problems before they become disasters.

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Project Engineering

We provide project engineering services to any degree desired for any reasonably sized project. From within our organization we can provide process design, equipment design, flow sheets, equipment specifications, inquiries, and vendor evaluations.

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Engineering & Service Contracts

To assure the most effective combination of our services, Process Engineering, Inc. offers contractual arrangements. The terms of these contracts are tailored to the customer's specific needs.

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Process Engineering will provide casual consultation by phone or letter free of charge. No charge is made for answering questions or giving advice on system design or operation.

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