Evaporator systems run better when operators understand the physical equipment, process layout, and the theory behind it all. This information is often highly technical and often foreign to the people trying to learn it.

At Process Engineering we have amassed a great deal of experience in evaporator mechanical and process design, theory, and practical operations. But in its usual form, this information is more easily understood by engineers than by operating personnel. Our mill operating experience has taught us to “speak the language” of operating personnel and enables us to present technical information in a fashion that is more relatable and easily understood.

Every aspect of your training program will be customized to meet your needs.

  • Our instruction can be targeted to supervisors, engineers, or operators.
  • Often the training covers all operating crews and the supervisors.
  • Operator training focuses on those skills necessary to efficiently and effectively run and troubleshoot an evaporator.
  • Supervisor and engineer training covers evaporator fundamentals, operating theory, evaluation and troubleshooting techniques with an understanding of their job responsibilities.
  • Training courses can include field and classroom sessions and cab be as short as a single day class or a more comprehensive multi-day course.
  • Course instruction is mill specific. The training course is custom built based on the mill’s system equipment and process design.
  • We provide detailed descriptions and diagrams/pictures of the equipment internals and system layout. Each equipment supplier has unique aspects to the design of their equipment.
  • Process flow sheets detailing liquor, condensate, vapor paths for your specific evaporator(s) are provided and discussed in detail during the class.
  • Every class has ample opportunity for participants to ask questions. We encourage class participants to also bring up operational or mechanical issues they are dealing with.
  • Every participant leaves the course with a detailed course manual that serves as valuable reference material in the future.

Click here to see an example operator course outline.