Facility Support Services.

Facility Support Services.

As a specialized engineering firm, Process Engineering, Inc. has the flexibility and technical skills to meet a customer’s short term needs and long term goals. With our deep level of experience, we can offer assistance to the engineering, production, and maintenance areas.

Services can be contracted individually or as a group. The end point for us is to construct a service package that achieves the evaporator performance the customer demands. Here are a few examples of services we provide:

Process Engineering

  • Onsite performance evaluation of black liquor evaporators with the intent of defining multiple opportunities for capacity increase and mill wide energy reduction.
  • Model evaporator upgrade configurations as part of an overall mill integration project. The evaporator is typically one of the largest steam users and is often the largest warm water generator in a facility. Achieving mill wide goals require accurate modeling of the evaporator.
  • Remote, online, evaporator optimization. By reviewing and analyzing select process data we can optimize evaporator and concentrator wash schedules, define what effects need cleaning, and identify a problem before it significantly impacts production. Often the goal is to improve evaporator utilization. This can be done as a discrete effort or on a long term basis.


  • Onsite troubleshooting expertise. Whether your problem is carryover, low capacity, poor vacuum or one of many other possibilities, we can help. Our hands-on, collaborative approach works to quickly identify the problems and the solutions.
  • Startup support for system reconfiguration, new equipment installation, or an entire new system.
  • Train operators and supervisors on evaporator operation. Combining evaporator theory with practical learning makes for a valued learning experience. Preventing one major upset easily covers the cost of a class.


  • Mechanical inspection and coordination of repairs to black liquor evaporators.
  • Develop capital plan for vessel replacements based on mechanical inspection findings.
  • Complete pre-outage audit of the evaporator to identify internal repairs and cleaning needed as part of an upcoming outage.

Project Engineering

From within our organization, we can provide process design, equipment design, flow sheets, cost estimates, equipment specifications, inquiries, and vendor evaluations.

The scope of the services provided by Process Engineering is fully customizable to meet your needs. Whether it is providing engineering deliverables directly to the mill’s project team or working with the mill’s engineering contractor, we are happy to furnish our expertise in any form requested.

Our focus is to exceed our customer’s expectations.