Emergency Service.

Emergency Service.

As we all know production curtailments quickly become costly when production is curtailed due to operational issues in the evaporator. We fully understand the importance of finding the problem or problems the first time. The only thing worse than an unscheduled shut down is a second unscheduled shutdown.

Our troubleshooting approach is to let the data lead us to the problem. The combination of our practical operational and field experience, process design capability, and our intimate knowledge of the mechanical design of evaporator equipment means we can get the evaporator operation back where it should be.

We can provide troubleshooting support remotely via email or phone for smaller issues. For more major upsets, onsite field investigation and data collection is the best path forward. Typically, we are available on short notice to travel to site.

Below is a partial list of some of the problems we come across when troubleshooting an evaporator:

  • Unexplained capacity loss
  • Difficult startup
  • Unstable operation
  • Low/poor system vacuum
  • NCG venting issues
  • Excessive carryover
  • Foaming
  • High condensate conductivity
  • Erratic swinging of steam pressure or flow
  • Frequent boilouts