System Analysis.

Using process simulations, we are able to quickly and accurately analyze any evaporator configuration. Additionally, we have the capability to evaluate and design evaporator bodies, heat exchangers, stripping columns and condensers and to compare actual operation with theoretical. These analyses are useful for troubleshooting existing equipment, evaluating proposed reconfiguration and evaluating proposed installations. Rather than doing a “study” with recommendations, we prefer to provide the customer with the option of several alternative solutions and let him make the right decision for his facility.

For one customer we analyzed four methods for obtaining a required evaporator capacity increase, one of which required the purchase of no new equipment. Since our focus is not equipment supply, we don’t hesitate to fairly present the “no new equipment” option.

Completing front-end process engineering is key to developing a successful capital project. Here are a few examples where a system analysis performance study can be very valuable.

  • Increasing black liquor solids or black liquor flow to the evaporator. Does the evaporator have the capacity to handle the increase production?
  • Firing higher percent solids to the recovery boiler. Can the evaporator and concentrator handle the higher product solids?
  • Reconfiguring the evaporator to produce higher temperature water. In the past we have reconfigured evaporators to produce 165°f water while achieving a sizeable increase in evaporator capacity.
  • Reducing energy consumption in the evaporator. What projects provide the highest return? Sometimes a minor change in liquor path will yield a higher return than purchasing and installing an external liquor heater.
  • Incremental evaporator capacity increase. What modifications are required to meet your production requirements?
  • Review equipment supplier bids. Is the supplier selling you more equipment than you need? We work for you not the equipment supplier.