Mechanical Inspection.

Mechanical inspections of recovery equipment serve two purposes. First, inspections are the only way to determine the cause of certain mechanical failures within the equipment; and second, inspections are a means of finding problems before they become disasters. Our inspection know-how is based on our intimate knowledge of the design details of most major equipment suppliers. As an example, one major supplier has a penchant for making the holes in their condenser tube support baffles too large. Instead of supporting the tubes, the oversized holes allow the tubes to rattle around and eventually work harden and crack. The only way to determine if this condition exists is by performing a thorough inspection.

Almost all recovery equipment vessels operate in a corrosive internal atmosphere. Therefore, a complete annual inspection is recommended for all such vessels that are more the ten years old. Our experience at knowing where to look and what to look for allows the customer to obtain maximum benefit from these inspections

While you focus on other shutdown areas we complete a detailed inspection. Those items requiring repair before startup are quickly communicated. Each inspection report documents in detail unusual findings (e.g. irregular liquor flow marks, shell side fouling, etc.), tube pluggage (mechanical and chemical), excessive wear and thinning, tube scaling, and mechanical condition of all equipment. Recommendations requiring current shutdown repair and long term recommendations are provided.

Click here for a partial sample inspection report.